• The latest version of Avada released on October 18th, 2021, introduces a vast array of new features and the much anticipated Avada Studio that will make building websites faster and more intuitive

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Why this site?

First and foremost, this site is not affiliated with Theme Fusion, the developers and maintainers of the Avada Website Builder. Official support should be obtained from them. I spend a lot of time on the Facebook group* answering questions about basic and intermediate capabilities that may or may not be found in the excellent documentation, so I decided that I needed a dedicated resource to house the answers and demos rather than my personal website. Also, not everybody uses Facebook.

*Unfortunately, there are two groups on Facebook, but I find this to be the better of the two.

Why Avada?

I have been an Avada user for more than five years, so I am fairly well versed in what it can do and not do at the fundamental level*. I have recently been researching a variety of builders and themes and what I have found is that the are all lacking. Avada is not prefect, but it gets better with each release and their attention to WCAG is the best I have found.

~ Stephen Walker

*I have not used WooCommerce features or the Portfolio options (yet). I am hoping to have other contributors to help fill these gaps.

Build Anything

The Avada Website Builder — formerly referred to as the Avada theme and Fusion Builder and we will simply refer to as Avada — allows you to build almost any layout and feature set available. There are limitations that favor accessibility over the temporary “ooh-ahh” effect that comes with excessive animation and hard to understand interactions. That said, it provides the capability — through a child theme, custom css, class and ID assignments — to add those features on your own if you are so inclined.

Some Basic AVADA FAQs

Is there an unlimited license available?

No. Avada is only sold through Theme Forest and does not include an unlimited license and never has. One website requires one license.

see licensing information

Can I use another builder with Avada?

Yes, but just because you can doesn’t mean you should. It is possible to use another plugin-based builder, but those builders generate their own code with may conflict with the Avada Builder. Management of content using multiple builders can be frustrating.

Can I use the Gutenberg editor?

Yes and no. Avada does not have complete integration with the new builder as of yet. If you create a post in Gutenberg, it will display but some of the built-in Gutenberg layout features may be lost. If you convert a Gutenberg post to the Avada builder there will be extraneous code (paragraph tags) left behind from the blocks.

Is Avada accessible?

The team at ThemeFusion does a great job at making the design elements WCAG compliant. It is not 100 percent perfect yet, but better than most. It will not warn you if you or your content creators did something silly like using improper color contrast or not adding appropriate alt text.

Is Avada idiot proof?

No. Avada is a very robust builder and does things in a particular way. While it is possible to hit the ground running, it is recommended that you become familiar with the capabilities by reading the documentation and watching the outstanding videos that are available. This will minimize your frustration and improve the quality of your website. Also, a basic understanding of HTML and CSS will help.

documentation and video library

Can I move Avada content to another theme and builder?

Avada Website Builder adds a lot of custom code in the content database in the form of shortcodes with attributes which makes it difficult to migrate to another product. There are plugins available that can clean your database and leave you with the raw content to allow you to rebuild your website.

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