• This is just a quick test to see what the differences are in using the native YouTube block instead of the Avada element.

  • As I continue to experiment with the block editor and integration with Avada, I am inserting some block elements from a third party tools — Stackable blocks — to see if there are major conflicts.

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    I have added a new page highlighting post card designs I have created.

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    Gutenberg and the block are the future of WordPress and as a result I am working on shifting as much as possible to the block editor even within Avada.

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    A user wanted to know how to constrain the height of a column with a background image to the height of the text in an adjacent column.

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    This was a request from the Facebook group to show how to center text inside full-height and width columns. The flex features make this extremely [...]

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    A feature of the Avada theme I think most of us overlook.

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    Over on the Avada Website Showcase group, Tom Dent posted a site that had a very nice privacy bar implementation. It turns out it [...]