• One of the new features in 7.6 is the ability to set global typography settings. When I first saw this I wasn't sure what to make of it as it seemed a little redundant, but I was wrong.

  • Another article on moving post creation to Gutenberg, with some basic, albeit custom CSS.

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    The latest version of Avada released on October 18th, 2021, introduces a vast array of new features and the much anticipated Avada Studio that will make building websites faster and more intuitive

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    As I continue to look at the possibilities of Gutenberg within the Avada theme, I came to a realization that the two together are a pretty formidable toolset.

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    I recently migrated this page over to the new site and wanted to make sure you could find it.

Events – Past, Present, and Future

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    Theme Fusion has released Avada version 7.4 which introduces significant performance improvements,

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    There is a mysterious line appearing on single event pages

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    Adding visual styling using custom CSS

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    A question was posted on the Theme Fusion forum about extending an image beyond the page width without using the full-width layout.

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    As a result of testing a variety of builders, I have run across some really nice demo layouts and components that can be implemented within [...]

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    I have been testing a variety of themes and plugins that claim that can change your world. While I know this is marketing hype, I want to believe at least one of them will change my view of Avada.