Plugins are necessary to extend the functionality and improve performance of the website. The goal is to keep this list as short as possible without sacrificing functionality or performance.


  • Jetpack (included with hosting)
  • Akismet (included with hosting)
  • Avada Core
  • Avada Builder
  • Avada Custom Branding
  • The Events Calendar


  • Enable Media Replace
  • Instant Images
  • Font Awesome 
  • Formidable Forms Pro ($$)
  • Meta Box AIO ($)
  • Piotnet Grid ($) for testing
  • Rank Math Business ($$)
  • Script Organizer ($)
  • Short Pixel Image Optimizer ($)
  • The Events Calendar Pro ($$)
  • Wicked Folders Pro ($)

Due to a massive performance hit with the latest release, The Events Calendar has been removed.


Almost all of the images on this site come from . Occasionally, there are images and graphics from Adobe Stock. All photographs used for featured images are save in a 16:9 aspect ratio and a minimum full size of 1400×787 pixels. Attribution is usually included.

Photo by Simon Williams

Design Guide


Unless required by a custom layout or other example, the site uses Poppins for headings and Inter or body text.

Title bar fonts are white and use a text shadow to help with legibility on various backgrounds

Heading 1

(clamp(1.4rem,calc(1rem + 3.5vw),4rem)

Heading 2 (40px)

Heading 3 (32px)

Heading 4 (28px)

Heading 5 (24px)
Heading 6 (18px uppercase)

Paragraph text (20px or 1.25rem)


The site uses a monochromatic style with the foundation starting with a dark blue (#060c28). This pallet was chosen to minimize color perception issues. A few vibrant colors are used sparingly to help bring life to certain elements



#1b1b1b (body text)

#454545 (headings)

#ffffff (white)