By Stephen Walker

With parameters – &rel=0&controls=0

With parameter &modestbranding=1

The YouTube video parameters allow you to control some of the features that the embedded player has enabled by default. Some have changed over the years and others are not quite as functional as one might like (modest branding isn’t). When using the Avada YouTube element you add your parameters to the Additional API Parameter field — don’t let the singular ending fool you, you can add multiple parameters. You must start your parameters with the ampersand — I suspect it is because autoplay is a parameter and an available element option so what you add is appended. The examples above with parameters changes the following:

  • &rel=0 will only show videos from the same channel. The default is rel=1 and will show “related videos” from multiple sources.
  • &controls=0 will hide the use controls – not ideal for those that need to navigate with a keyboard.
  • &modestbranding=1 removes the YouTube logo from the control bar.

Originally published on September 14, 2020

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