By Stephen Walker

I have been working on this site for some time now and have just added content as I see fit. That part is not going to change, but what is going to change is some of the formatting, design, and more tutorial-like content. I use Gutenberg for posts which makes it difficult to demonstrate complex layouts, but elements can be (using the classic editor or shortcode blocks). Another change that may not be as noticeable, is the gradual reduction in the use of the wide variety of Avada elements. Avada does so much and I tried to use as many as possible in a stylistic way, but now it is becoming a bit of a mess. Lastly, you will start to see more customization using the power of CSS. I have done this with the card slider and some micro-interactions, but I want to do more. Honestly, I feel Avada is a little behind the curve on the use of modern CSS and the team has spent a little too much effort adding things that are of little value (e.g., the news ticker) rather than extending the capabilities of basic elements (e.g., no hover color background and text option for columns).

You can help

If you are looking for a “how-to” and can’t find the answer on the Theme Fusion website, let me know and I will see what I can do to add it. I get a lot of inspiration from the Facebook page, but that can be a limited set of people and use cases.

I have also added a “Buy Me a Coffee” link. I am not requiring a donation, nor am I looking to make a living at this, I just invite you to show your appreciation for my time — again, not required.

Originally published on May 8, 2022

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