By Stephen Walker

If you are looking for a way to test and experiment with Avada or any other themes or plugins, you might want to consider using InstaWP. This environment creates timed, temporary instances that allow you to test and forget. If you want, you can build out an entire site and deploy it from their environment or you can create a template that you would use for future customers. There are several paid levels, but the personal level of InstaWP is available on Appsumo — this is not a lifetime offer, but according to the information available, this locks in the price for subsequent years.  

From the Appsumo writeup

InstaWP is a lightning-fast WordPress spin-up tool to speed up your workflow. It launches a site in less than a second!


  • Choose any PHP version and WP version to quickly spin up a site.
  • In-built code editor, DB Editor, log viewer, password-less login.
  • Free sub-domains and free SSL, are built inside the platform.
  • Map custom domain, access FTP, and SSH with WP-CLI support.
  • Save as template and spin new sites off the template.
  • Create product sandboxes, e.g or
  • Git integration – for testing and automation. Github actions.
  • Chrome and Slack integration. 1-click plugin or theme testing.
  • Auto-install a set of plugins, and themes and set default PHP values.
  • Export or migrate your sites to a number of hosting providers.

Originally published on June 14, 2022

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