By Stephen Walker

One of the features of Avada that is not immediately intuitive is the ability to name a container. Doing so has two benefits — one that is immediate and one that is not so obvious. If you have ever worked on a complex page and didn’t know it was there, your layout can get to be very confusing, very fast.

screenshot of seven basic containers all with the name container
A basic page with multiple containers

How to rename a container

This is so easy, most people miss it. Just click on the word container, remove the word container and start typing.

The immediate benefit

The first and most beneficial aspect is the ease of navigation when editing a section. For a simple page, this may not matter, but on complex pages, it can be very helpful. This also makes it really easy to rearrange content.

screenshot of thirteen containers each with a unique name.
Numerous named containers

The unseen benefit

screenshot of the full-height settings.

If you are working on a page that uses multiple, full-height containers, the name becomes the navigation label. This is most beneficial on a desktop because of content constraints on mobile, but it can work on mobile too. What do I mean by navigation label? When you set the container to full height, you will be presented an option to “Enable 100% Height Scroll” which will turn on a navigation feature for moving through the pages. In order to know where you are at, the names of the containers are now used for navigation. This can be very useful for presentation-type content to allow your user to easily just from one section to another. The video below shows how this is used on the Post Cards page to make it easier to move from one style to the next.

Originally published on March 5, 2022

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