Page Layouts

Just a very simple layout. is used to animate a couple of images — sliding in and out.

I stumbled across the EarthShare website which uses Elementor. Easy to closely mirror the look and feel.

A Facebook group member wanted to know how to add an image and keep it pinned to the right in all screen sizes. This is what I did (excluded mobile).

This is duplicating a layout created by Elementor where an image extends beyond the page width. It is not the full page.

A page design replicating a Blocksy+Quebly demo.

Based on a questioned posed on the Avada Facebook group about replicating a popular Wix template. In some ways better, in others not so much.

Element Layouts

This shows how to create an offset border affect on an image using just Avada settings — no borders involved

Hover columns and basic text to recreate a basic service section.

Aligning icons horizontally is easy with the flex settings. This is a very short  tutorial to help.

Creating a visual effect where content appears to overlap is very easy and can be done a couple of ways.

This challenge was from the Facebook group where a user wanted to know if it was possible to overlay text on a video.