By Stephen Walker

As much as I like Avada, it has had one glaring omission since its inception – the ability to filter posts by category using a facet. For some reason this is available in the Portfolio and FAQ post types, but not the standard post. With the addition of the Post Card layout and post cards element, I suspect it is only a matter of time. In the meantime we have had to work with FactWP, GridBuilderWP, and a couple of other options. Well a new product has hit the market, Piotnet Grid Builder.

If you already use one of these other products, you might not need this, but the Piotnet product offers a feature I haven’t seen elsewhere, a grid layout builder. Not only can you build a card, facets, and the basic grid, you can group card layouts into a single element. This allows you to do some very interesting things. I have imported a couple of demos and created a page to showcase them. These are out of the box with minimal changes (font size and font color).

While this is a great product and a very new product, it does have a couple of issues — the biggest being WCAG compliance. Images have no alt text and the links do not include text. While this may not be important for some, it does conflict with Avada’s desire to remain fully WCAG compliant. I am hoping that they will rectify this in the near future.

Originally published on October 3, 2021

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