By Stephen Walker

A few releases ago the Avada development team was forward thinking and trying to be Gutenberg-friendly, but unfortunately, this was done before the layout builder was available and some of the design decisions are no longer correct. One of these has to do with Gutenberg’s wide-width getting which is hardcoded as 80vw in the Avada CSS. This has caused me a couple of headaches, and I decided to find a fix. So far this code meets my need. I place it at the top of the custom CSS. Basically, all it does is remove any of the settings.

.fusion-body:not(.has-sidebar) .alignwide {
   position: unset;
   transform: unset;
    max-width: unset;
   min-width: unset;
  width: unset;

I also place most Gutenberg specialty blocks (code blocks, media+text, video, etc.) in a group (aka container) and in my CSS I have this for my content class:

.content .wp-block-group.alignwide {
    max-width: 60rem!important;
    margin-inline: auto;

If this helps you or you have some other workarounds, please share in the comments.

Originally published on July 23, 2022

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